My name is Jerry Howell I’m 27 years old, and a father and husband. I am creating this blog to get the news out there about what men love about games and technology. I am a student at Full Sail University and I am working on getting my game design degree. I will be focusing on what’s great in the world of  games in the world. I am an avid gamer since about 1992, playing games with my Dad and Uncle, things like Mike Tyson Punch Out, John Madden 1993, and Mutant League Football. I play all sports titles, most American style RPGs, and FPSs.

I love new technologies anything from 3D printers to smart watches. I go to a lot of conventions and shows and couldn’t be happier to be writing this blog and telling my beards (what I call my fans) about my opinions, and reviews. I hope to keep you entertained with some comic relief and some real opinions from a real person. I will not be pulling punches you will get the honest truth about how I feel about the game world and where I feel it is going.  I would like to thank you for any feedback in advance let me know your honest opinions you won’t be hurting my feelings.


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